The priceless value of Home

5621046815_cdec2d46cf_mMy morning walk took me past former homes of  close friends. I was feeling lots of emotions as I passed those houses. I pondered, as I walked, why I was feeling so sentimental. Relationships, that was the answer. In those homes I established deep friendships with people. Now, to be honest, I know many people who have lived in this community- it’s one of my favorite areas. But those feelings didn’t register inside as I passed the other houses. I’d been in some of them at various times, but there were no memories of growing friendships, of talking and laughing, even growing together.

Walking past Harriet’s, I recall the warmth and how welcomed I felt. I remember her first color scheme. It was beautiful, we all thought at the time. Then the time came for the red and yellow to be replaced with softer, more neutral tones. I remember where all the decorative pieces were placed and how she had such a knack for decorating simply and beautifully. I remember the laughter, the Monk watching and so much more. It was always a treat to be there.

Next door were the Kelly’s. They were always hospitable and welcomed our small group with open arms. I was always amazed how Barbara found time to prepare multiple dishes of food for all of us. Also, all the right beverage choices. She made me want to improve my hosting game. We laughed, prayed and shared together in that home. Always listening for their golden retriever and hoping he wouldn’t bust out of his secure place and bust up our gathering. I also remember their antique table with a marble top just like one that we have.

Emily’s was the fun house. Mostly because Emily lived there. Of course, Dave’s giant wooden play set in the backyard was not to be missed. It was an engineering marvel. And a child’s delight. What a joyful family, and their joy spilled over into their happy decorating schemes. I loved being there with them. I always lingered longer than intended because Emily and I could never stop talking.

The priceless value of home! That’s why I launched Tranquiliving in 2003. I’m passionate about helping people optimize their homes. Not to make them perfect—not to prepare for a photo shoot. We are building a happy healthy foundation on which life grows! It’s where life happens and relationships thrive.

What does home mean to you? Do you enjoy having friends over? Or is it difficult to let people in? If you typically meet in restaurants or coffee shops, why not make your home the place for your next get-together with a friend? It doesn’t have to be perfect! People just want to be with you!













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